Meet our Team

Assembly Members

Héctor M. Guzmán

Hector has been a staff scientist at STRI since 1994. He studied marine biology at University of Costa Rica (B.Sc. and M.Sc.) and Newcastle University (Ph.D.) and has published over 100 scientific publications on topics related to ecology and monitoring of coral reefs, conservation biology, and coastal pollution. He has tagged 35 whale sharks since 2007 using a variety of methods (SPOTs, PATs and acoustic sensors) from Panama to Mexico, as well as 14 sea turtles at Las Perlas in Panama. He started tagging hammerheads and other sharks in 2009. His research interests are: ecology and population dynamic of coral reefs; taxonomy of corals, sclerochronology; conservation biology; human impacts on marine ecosystems, coastal management, fisheries and marine pollution. He currently works on long-term monitoring of coral reefs, population dynamic and taxonomy of octocorals, migratory patters of large pelagic species in the eastern Pacific, shark fishery, marine reserves networking.