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Assembly Members

Rodrigo Hucke

Rodrigo is a Chilean Marine Biologist who has specialized in marine mammal ecology and conservation for the past 24 years in Chile and Antarctica. His pioneering work in northern Chilean Patagonia led him in 2003 to make an extraordinary discovery, a thriving but hitherto-unknown feeding and nursing ground for the largest animal on Earth, the blue whale. His work has been widely recognized throughout national and international media, and more noticeably by the Chilean President, Ms. Michelle Bachelet (Bicentennial seal) and by HRH Princess Anne of the U.K. (Whitley Gold Award), among others. As professor at Universidad Austral de Chile and president of the local NGO Centro Ballena Azul, Rodrigo leads the Marine Mammal Ecology Lab where a team of enthusiastic researchers and students study the marine mammals and other emblematic marine species to not only understand their ecology, but to promote conservation actions and a change of attitude among the public towards the marine environment. Among several projects developed and currently underway, he leads a most iconic project now entering its 17th year of successful operation: the “Large Whale Ecology and Conservation Program”. This program has focused on extensive fieldwork for developing marine surveys for abundance estimation, cetacean photographic-identification and biopsy sampling, and since 2013, blue whale satellite telemetry. He is also a proud member of several international scientific committees (such as the International Whaling Commission, Convention on Migratory Species, Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research & IUCN’s Species Survival Commission).