Organizational Members

Organizational Members

Fundación Malpelo

Fundación Malpelo y Otros Ecosistemas Marinos is a non-governmental, environmental non-profit organization established in 1999 under the Laws of the Republic of Colombia to support and work with the Government on issues of conservation, preservation, education and research of the Colombian marine environment, especially in the Malpelo Wildlife and Flora Sanctuary (Malpelo SFF).


The mission of CREMA is to protect, conserve, and restore the populations of marine turtles, sharks and other marine species threatened with extinction in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, under a vision of sustainable fishing practices with an ecosystem approach in close association with coastal communities.

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institution (STRI) in Panama, is a bureau of the Smithsonian Institution based outside of the United States, which is dedicated to understanding biological diversity.

The Galapagos National Park

The Galapagos National Park is responsible for conserving the ecological integrity and biodiversity of the terrestrial and marine ecosystems of the protected areas of the Archipelago, as well as the rational use of the goods and services that these generate for the community.

Equilibrio Azul

Equilibrio Azul was created in light of the urgent need to obtain information to conserve Ecuador’s ecosystems and marine resources. We also work with the public, government, and business sectors with competing interests to produce functional and collaborative solutions that bear conservation strongly in mind.

Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Aquatic biotelemetry is simply a series of tools that allows us to track or follow our study subjects remotely.


Upwell‘s mission is to protect endangered sea turtles by reducing threats at sea, including fisheries, ship strikes, pollution, climate change and other detrimental human activities.