Science for the Conservation of Marine Migratory Species in the Eastern Pacific

Our work & programs

Among the species studied by MigraMar, there are sharks, sea turtles, whales and other migratory species. The growing threats to which many of these species are subjected make it imperative for us to understand the consequences of a reduction in numbers or even extinction could have both on marine ecosystems as well as on the human activities that depend on them.

Therefore, as well as providing information referring to the migratory patterns of these species, MigraMar is a source of scientific information which will permit the assessment and prediction of the state of their populations in the future and an increase in our knowledge of the function they carry out in the ecosystem. To do this MigraMar divides its work into three areas of interest:


Research in conservation biology, specifically in marine protected areas and their importance for the conservation of migratory species, regional migratory patterns and population assessments.

Policy Advice

Technical advice for national, regional and international marine resource management agencies, with the aim of establishing a common working framework to carry out joint actions and facilitate mutual understanding.

Capacity Building

Creation and support of technical and research skills in marine migratory species research in Latin America by means of supervision of students, technical workshops and other educational activities.