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Robert Rubin

Robert Rubin received his Ph.D. degree in physiological ecology from the University of California Irvine, and is presently on the faculty of Santa Rosa (California) College, where he teaches courses in marine biology and the biology of marine mammals. He has been involved in college and university teaching for several decades, and has conducted field and laboratory research on the ecology and physiology of several diverse vertebrate species, including, fish eating bats, elephant, hooded and harp seals, sea birds, desert dwelling birds and rodents and for the past twenty-five years on manta rays in the tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans. He has been selected by the State of California, the United States Senate and Congress to receive awards for outstanding contributions to college and university teaching. He is the recipient of the NISOD award for outstanding contributions to higher education and in 1996 the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching honored him as “The California College and University Professor of the Year”. He served as a program developer and reviewer for the National Science Foundation (NSF) and for the US Department of Energy. Presently he serves as the Director of the Pacific Manta Research Group and as a member of the scientific advisory/director boards of the Save Our Seas, Safari West Cooperation, Sea Watch, NOAA Cordell Bank Marine-Sanctuary and Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundations, and the international Manta Trust. Additionally, his research on manta rays has been the subject of international public media productions for The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, World of Wonder, Changing Seas, Animal Planet, Blue Realm, and most recently as a TEDx invited presentation.