MigraMar en los medios

MigraMar en los Medios

2018 See a Hidden Hammerhead Shark Nursery in the Galapagos, National Geographic,

2017 Galapagos, BBC-Atlantic Productions

2017 Welcome to Malpelo’s Shark Superhighway / Shark Fest,

2016 Islas de México, Canal 11, Mexico

2015 Underwater Highways, Water Brothers, TVO Canada

2015 Last Home of the Giants, Water Brothers, TVO Canada

2015 The Sea of Cortez, Love Nature, Canada

2014 Access 360º World Heritage: Galapagos, National Geographic TV, USA.

2014 Expedition Galápagos: Collaboration, OCEARCH,

2014 Expedition Galápagos: Silky Sharks, OCEARCH,

2012 Galapagos 3-D, Atlantic Productions, Sky TV, USA

2011 Tiburones Ballena, Dia a Dia, Ecuador

2011 Realm of the Giants, Tom Lucas Productions, USA

2010 Shark Men, Season 3, National Geographic TV, USA

2009 Galapagos, a tribute to Charles Darwin, Philobates Productions, France.

2008 Shark Superhighway, Tom Lucas Productions, National Geographic, USA.

2007 Malpelo: requins sous haute suveillance, Channel 5, France