Science for the conservation of
marine migratory species in the Eastern Pacific


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The MigraMar network conducts the scientific research needed to better understand and safeguard healthy populations of marine migratory species in the Eastern Pacific.

During the last 15 years, MigraMar has become the leading scientific voice seeking protection of migratory species in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Our research has detected critical areas where migratory species are more vulnerable, like feeding and breeding grounds, or areas where seasonal migrations occur. These results have thus informed governments and stakeholders on the functioning and level of connectivity of marine protected areas (MPAs) and provided decision support tools for improving the management of migratory species within and beyond national jurisdictions.

Our results have delivered the necessary scientific basis to make the different expansion initiatives of oceanic MPAs across the Eastern Pacific (EP) a reality. From 156,000 km2 in 2010 up to 630,000 km2 in 2022, the protective coverage of MPAs grew fourfold, providing larger grounds for migratory species to roam free and safe. Touted as a pioneering conservation approach, our Swimways Initiative was adopted by local authorities and is currently used as the binding tissue for regional governmental collaborations.

Our scientific research in MigraMar is fully committed with the management and conservation of our oceans. Read more about our work in our Institutional Projects and Members Projects webpage sections.

Tagging IN Numbers

We are proud of the work we have done, yet we constantly improve the data we have collected. This is the total number of individuals tagged across the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

Bony fishes
Sea turtles
Manta rays
Hammerhead sharks
Whale sharks
Other sharks

If you want to learn more about this data, please continue to our Institutional Projects and Members Projects sections. Or if you want to learn how we tag marine species, please read our Research Methods section.


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