About us

Who we are

Who we are

Our Vision

Marine migratory species thrive in safe and healthy oceans.

Who we are

Our Mission

To conduct the scientific research needed to better understand and safeguard healthy populations of marine migratory species in the Eastern Pacific. We advance our mission by being accountable to each other through collaborative ventures, reciprocity, acknowledgements, attributions, and shared authorship.

Who we are

Our History

MigraMar was originally formed in 2006 as an informal network of scientists collaborating together to generate knowledge about the movement ecology of threatened marine species. Built upon the successful standardization of telemetry research methods and collaboration in migratory resource evaluation, the network soon became the scientific authority and advisor of local, national and regional governmental authorities.

MigraMar was officially constituted as a US-based 501c3 non-profit organization in 2017 uniting 22 researchers belonging to universities, government agencies and non-profit organizations in different parts of the American continent.

Who we are


MigraMar’s work was originally focused on the Eastern Tropical Pacific region, particularly in the Marine Corridor (CMAR) area that encompasses Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador. Owing to the migratory nature of the species researched, MigraMar evolved extending its limits and signing agreements and arrangements with researchers from countries from United States of America to Chile. MigraMar’s current area of interest is the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

Who we are

Our Values

MigraMar’s researchers are committed to excel in scientific production based on the following core values:


    We are deeply committed to building capacity among our own members, with regional partners, and with future generations of scientists to continue to produce high-quality science for the conservation of migratory species throughout the Eastern Pacific.


    We incorporate the best available science to provide credible information to decision makers at national and international levels.


    Our word is our bond. To fulfill our commitments to colleagues and the animals we strive to protect, our high professional standards require members to honor intellectual property rights, meet international animal care protocols, and secure all required permits.


    We share our scientific and financial procedures in a timely fashion to advance our mission.


    The intellectual property and creative ideas shared by our members is at the heart of our network.